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west sussex falconry

An unforgettable experience flying and handling birds of prey with Falco (West Sussex Falconry)

Falco was founded in 1993 by professional falconer Sally Buckland. Having completed an intensive two year tuition course at a leading falconry centre in West Sussex, Sally purchased her own birds of prey to display at functions and events, both locally and throughout the South of England.

At Falco, we aim to bring our birds closer to people and hopefully bring a greater understanding of why we need to nurture and protect them in the wild.

Over the years, we have experienced all aspects of flying raptors, from displaying at county shows, weddings and schools, to falconry courses, hawking days and even pest control.

Falco is set in Compton, nr Chichester in West Sussex. Miles of open countryside and ancient woodlands surround the grounds, giving you the chance to enjoy the birds in the most natural of environments.

Special Occasion Falconry and Hawking Events with Falco (West Sussex Falconry)

Our most popular services are Falconry Experience Days, Hawk Walks, Owl Brief Encounters, appearances at Schools, Weddings, where the bride and groom are given a very special service guaranteed to make their day totally unique and unforgettable, and Falconry Parties for both children and adults.

Falco's services demonstrate the skill and beauty of raptors and bring to the public an appreciation and awareness, securing them a place in the wild and forever in our hearts.

We are available for almost any event and would be delighted to discuss your needs. If you are interested in booking us, please visit our Orders & Bookings page where you can buy online via PayPal, or please contact Sally Buckland on 02392 631820, mobile 07796 472716, e-mail: sally@falconhawk.plus.com.

West Sussex Falconry events promise a highly personal and hands-on experience which will be remembered forever as a truly wonderful and magical falconry day.